Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend

Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend

Are you looking for Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend? Here is a latest collection of Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend. In this section of Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend you will find latest collection of Happy Birthday SMS for your Boyfriend free of cost. Here we are going to provide you a list of best Happy Birthday SMS for Him which you should or must send to your boyfriend for your better, love and healthier and also share this SMS in social networking site like, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriends
Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriends

Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriends

  • Happy Birthday, Baby. If paradise doesn’t come with you, then there is no reason for redemption.
  • You are so important to me that I cannot imagine my world without you. Happy birthday to my adorable boyfriend!
  • Amazing boyfriends like you, these days are rare and few! May this birthday shower a lot more blessings on you to make you most caring boyfriend.
  • You are my person and no matter what happens I will always be there for you. This is my promise. Wish you many happy returns of the day. I love you!
  • Holding your hand when we are walking on the street, just whispering something sweet in your ears or when I hug you, all my sorrows just vanish. Thank you so much for being part of my life and making it really beautiful. Happy birthday my baby.
  • 18000 pamper for my Princess who is now 18 years old! I wish you a splendid future … a future together!
  • It’s really hard to hold on for too long when you don’t have the support of the one you love, but I’m happy that you support me so much now. Happy Birthday Boyfriend. Stay blessed.
  • I live for your kisses and wait for each hug. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the love of my life, today marks one of the days I appreciate in life because I was given a very special gift I never imagine I can have and that is you. I’m lucky to call you my own. All I want today is for you to have a blast my love.
  • I might have a lot of secrets that I hide from you.But I cannot hide my love for you. Happy Birthday to you
  • A small candle waits to be extinguished, but for every flame that extinguishes an immortal fire it burns inside of me. You are the wood that burns and keeps my heart alive. Best wishes, my love.
  • Steamy Birthday Wishes For Lover
  • You are the biggest treasure in my life! I am so lucky to have a wonderful and generous person like you. May you all wishes come true. Happy birthday to my innocent prince. Have a magical time.
  • What a privilege to spend another special day with the man of my dreams. I am sending you tons of love on your Birthday.
  • May this day bring you joy and happiness for entire lifetime. Happiest birthday to you, my world. Keep smiling.
  • Hello my darling, I am sending you this message just to let you know that you are the most special person in my life. I cannot imagine spending even a single day without you. I am in love with you, so deeply that I have never fell in love with anyone in the past. Wish you a happy birthday and wish you get all the best you wanted.
  • It makes me angry when I see a lot of ladies around you admiring you, but it makes me glad that only I own you. Happy Birthday my only man. Enjoy this great day.
  • I thought I was not a great person. Then I met you. So I guess I’m doing something right. Happy birthday.
  • To the man that light up my world. May you never stop rocking and the peak is just the beginning, Love you lots honey.
  • The sweetest Birthday cake is not sweeter than you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.
  • Always sign with a heart on this date on the calendar: Best wishes
  • Happy birthday, sweetheart. After all these years, I still feel like we’re on our honeymoon.
  • On your special day, I want to thank you for supporting and encouraging me at every step where I feel low. Happy Birthday to my love!
  • You are the sweetest and cutest dream that comes true everyday, want to be your forever, happy birthday my handsome.
  • I only wish that the smile on face never fade. May it keep on enhancing with each passing day. Enjoy the day, honey. Love!
  • I have already expressed my true love for you. In fact, I did that many times, but I feel like telling it again and again. Your special day, your birthday is giving me another chance to express my true love for you. I love you so much darling. Have a great birthday dear.
  • You made me discover who I am, because you gave me chance to grow and attain a level of maturity that suits you. Thanks for waiting on me. Happy Birthday Boyfriend.
  • Your best years are ahead. And here’s to us being together in each one. Happy birthday!
  • If there’s another lifetime, I want to spend it with you my love. being with you gives me joy and I wish for nothing more than for you to have a memorable day today my love.
  • To have a happy life, sing like no one can hear you, Dance as no one is watching you, and love as no one has ever loved before, and live in earth as you live in heaven! I wish you a very warm happy Birthday!
  • A hundred hearts would be too few To carry all my love for you.” Happy Birthday My Love!
  • Happy birthday to the woman that has stolen my heart, to the light of my life, to my darling
  • I like your style but what I like more, is the way you make everyone smile. A very special birthday wish for a special boyfriend who is a blood vein of my heart.
  • Birthday SMS to the joy and the love of my life! Wishing you the most amazing and unforgettable special day!
  • Happy birthday to the world’s best boyfriend. Love you to the moon and back!
  • You have given me the most special moments in my life, which can never be replaced with anything else. On this special day of your birthday, I am sending you warm wishes and loads of love. Happy birthday my love.
  • I have always frowned at girls who think their boyfriends to be their providers, it diminishes their value. But yet, you never stopped providing for me even when I don’t ask. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
  • I thought my life was good before I met you. Now it’s magical. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.
  • I call you my sunshine because you light up my day, you’re the shade I run to in my days of rain. What more would I have ever ask for than for you to have an amazing birthday. Love you lots.
  • I will draw a circle, not a heart because the heart can break, but a circle goes infinity. Happy Birthday, Darling. My love for you is Infinite.
  • Years ago a beautiful baby was born, growing was the admiration of many and the envy of too many. That sweet face was longed for by many but only I was lucky. Yesterday like today, you’re always the most beautiful. Best wishes
  • Cute Birthday Wishes For Lover
  • I know I am not the most beautiful girl in the world but you make me feel beautiful when you look at me with your love sparkling eyes. Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend
  • Every day is special when I am with you. But today is an extra special day because it’s your birthday, and I’m glad to share the day with you. Happy Birthday!
  • My boyfriend is smart, handsome and hot and you know what? He was born today. Happiest birthday to the birthday boy.
  • I always thought of having a life partner to whom I can share everything that is in my heart. God has finally made my dream come true and he has sent you for me. I finally have you in my life and I am not going to let you go. Have a happy birthday.
  • Because you are the man that I love and give all my heart to, may God elevate you and crown all of your effort with beyond belief success. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
  • Today is the day of your Birthday! May your year goes happy an in love my dear!!! Happy Birthday my future!!
  • Happy birthday honey, wish you many years of greatness. Love you my heart desire.
  • Your Smile is as bright as the sun. On this special day, I wish you a very happy Birthday and warm wishes from my heart.
  • Love is a wealth that is not bought and sold, but is given. This feeling is my present for your birthday … and for every single day of your life
  • Someone I love was born today!
  • Happy Birthday to my love who holds my hand gently, who listens to me calmly, who has always been there with me every day and night. There is no one like you in this world!
  • May God give you all the happiness in life and may you be the luckiest. I just want you to be happy my love. Happy birthday!
  • I cannot contain my excitement because today is your birthday. Let’s make it memorable!
  • I was actually looking for a special gift for you my love. But whenever I picked up something amazing, I felt that this gift is definitely small when compared to the gift that you gave me. The gift of your life. You have gifted me your life and that is the best thing I can have in my life. Happy birthday dear.
  • The memories of us together will always be close to my heart. You complete me; I hope we get to make the biggest memory today, on the day you were born. Happy Birthday!
  • Today is your birthday, let’s celebrate our past, present and future! I will live my whole life by loving you.
  • To the man that owns my heart, may you soar higher than an eagle, may your heart desire come true and may you never stop being in love with me. Happy birthday baby.
  • May your Birthday become the most wonderful day! You are not just my boyfriend, but my best buddy too!
  • We planted a seed and we found ourselves with a strong and lush tree. How big is our love? Today we have added a cycle and many others will follow. I love you
  • happy birthday. I wish to make your birthday as special and wonderful as you are. I’ll do everything to make you happy.
  • I am sending you tons of love on your Birthday, May this Birthday is as cool as you are!! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
  • You are a special person for me. So, you are going to receive a special place in my heart and special wishes for Birthday as a boyfriend. Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend
  • I wish I could scream on the top of my voice and wish you a happy birthday. I love you!
  • I always keep thanking God for sending such a sweet person into my life. Today on this special occasion, I would like to thank you also for being the love of my life. You are not just my best friend but also that special friend with whom I cannot live. I am just waiting to be your bride. Happy birthday my love.
  • Happy Birthday to a loving boyfriend. I never had a man like you before and I realize how great you are to me. I never want to let this go.
  • Be Happy! I have got you and you have got me. Happy Birthday Sweetie.
  • On your special day I pray that the ground you walk upon will forever bring you blessing. The sky above will forever release favor on you. The breeze around you will forever blow peace. Happy birthday my love.
  • My words are not enough to express how much I love you. I always wish you to have the best life and healthy life, Happy Birthday my love!
  • The time for you does not flow, indeed, better every day that passes and do not say that I exaggerate. Maybe love is blind but mine can see beyond your age. Happy Birthday my love
  • Special Birthday. A kiss here a kiss there a thousand kisses for your birthday. Have a lovely day and may everyone see your gorgeous smile.
  • You are the person who filled my life with love, care, and happiness. Same as water filled the plant. Happy Birthday to my Prince charming…
  • Happy birthday to you, my dear, I wish that you would realize that this heart of mine beats for you and only you and that it will always be that way.
  • Earlier you looked like an attractive catch but today you are my perfect match. Happy birthday.
  • I have a lot of things to share with you on this special day. But I am unable to find words to frame sentences or I don’t understand how to put them into words. You are the sweetest person I have ever met in my life and I can count on you at any point of time in my life. Thanks a lot for coming into my life and making it special. Have a fabulous birthday my love.
  • You were made for me; I will make sure you have the best of everything, the best drinking for your party, your best friends, the best spot and the biggest cake, that is how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday love.
  • I know you believe in magic. The Biggest magic is I found you! Happy Birthday to my Lovely Boyfriend In this world!! Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend
  • If beating up a soldier would show how much you mean to me, then I’m on my way to the barracks. Not because I’m crazy but to show how much you mean to me. Happy birthday best friend.

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